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Surge Mediah's 6-Month Odyssey in Revolutionizing Roofing Contractor Lead Generation


Embarking on a transformative 6-month journey, Surge Mediah, a visionary player in the roofing industry, has redefined the lead generation landscape for contractors. Throughout this journey, Surge Mediah has not only generated high-quality leads but also actively scheduled appointments, offering a comprehensive solution for roofing contractors.

Progress Flow

Month 1-2:

Laying the Foundation

In the initial months, Surge Mediah seamlessly integrated a downloadable app, allowing contractors to manage leads and appointments effortlessly. Google My Business profiles were set up, and a streamlined communication system was implemented to enhance response times across all platforms. The introduction of an innovative software feature allowed users to input their address, providing an instant satellite view of their roof along with estimates for repairs or replacements.

Month 3-4:

Dynamic Campaign Evolution

With a commitment to consistency, Surge Mediah implemented a dynamic strategy, running targeted campaigns daily. Continuous testing allowed the team to adapt swiftly, optimizing campaigns based on real-time market trends. The systemized approach ensured that every campaign change was seamlessly executed, minimizing disruptions. The software’s instant estimate feature became a key selling point in ads, providing viewers with immediate insights into the potential costs of roof services.

Month 5:

Strengthening the Brand Core

Recognizing the importance of brand strength, Surge Mediah delved into refining brand messaging. A comprehensive brand guidance document was developed, ensuring that every communication, from ads to responses, resonated cohesively with the desired brand image. The integration of the software’s instant estimate feature became a significant part of the brand narrative, showcasing Surge Mediah’s commitment to providing transparency and efficiency in the roofing industry.

Month 6:

The Grand Results

As the 6-month journey culminated, the results spoke volumes. Surge Mediah’s systematic approach, combined with effective ad frameworks and consistent campaign evolution, yielded remarkable outcomes. Roofing contractor clients experienced a reliable revenue stream, with monthly averages reaching an impressive $1 million. The app’s tracking capabilities and the instant estimate feature provided invaluable insights, further enhancing the efficiency of the lead generation process and setting Surge Mediah apart as an industry leader.


This 6-month odyssey exemplifies the transformative power of Surge Mediah’s strategic and systematic approach to roofing contractor lead generation. From laying the foundation to dynamic campaign evolution and brand strengthening, Surge Mediah has not only set a new standard but has also demonstrated that a thoughtful, evolving strategy can yield consistent, substantial results over a relatively short period. The integration of cutting-edge technology has positioned Surge Mediah as an innovator in the roofing industry, offering immediate solutions and transparency to customers.


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