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Surge Mediah's Remarkable Achievement - 170 Leads in 30 Days at $52 per Lead


In a stunning display of efficiency and innovation, Surge Mediah achieved an extraordinary milestone by generating 170 leads for roofing contractors within a span of just 30 days. What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is the cost per lead – an incredibly low $52. This case study delves into the strategies and tactics employed by Surge Mediah to achieve this remarkable feat.

Progress Flow

Campaign Precision and Software Integration

Surge Mediah kicked off the campaign with precision targeting and strategic messaging. Leveraging their cutting-edge software, prospects were enticed with the promise of an instant satellite view of their roof along with a quick estimate for potential repairs or replacements. This unique feature not only captured attention but also provided tangible value, setting Surge Mediah’s ads apart in a cluttered digital space.

Daily Campaign Adaptation and Testing

The dynamic nature of Surge Mediah’s campaign strategy was pivotal. Daily adaptation and rigorous testing of multiple campaigns ensured that the team remained agile, responding promptly to shifts in market dynamics. This iterative approach not only optimized lead generation but also contributed significantly to the overall cost-effectiveness of the campaign.

Strategic Budget Allocation

Surge Mediah’s meticulous budget allocation played a crucial role in achieving the $52 per lead milestone. By identifying high-performing campaigns early on through the management dashboard, the team maximized the impact of each advertising dollar. This strategic approach ensured that resources were allocated to the most effective channels, contributing to the exceptional cost efficiency of the lead generation effort.

Brand Impact and Messaging Consistency

As leads poured in, Surge Mediah maintained a consistent brand image. The brand guidance document, developed earlier in the 6-month journey, continued to serve as the cornerstone for messaging across all platforms. The software’s instant estimate feature became a symbol of Surge Mediah’s commitment to transparency and efficiency, resonating strongly with the audience.

Client Empowerment and Results

Beyond lead generation, Surge Mediah empowered roofing contractors with tools like the downloadable app, Google My Business setups, and quick-response features. As a result, the roofing contractors not only received leads but also experienced an increase in booked appointments, further solidifying the value delivered by Surge Mediah’s comprehensive approach.


Surge Mediah’s achievement of generating 170 leads in just 30 days at an impressive $52 per lead is a testament to the power of strategic marketing, technological innovation, and a commitment to client success. By integrating advanced software, adapting campaigns daily, and maintaining a strong brand presence, Surge Mediah has not only exceeded industry benchmarks but has set a new standard for lead generation excellence in the roofing sector. This case study showcases how a thoughtful and dynamic approach can yield exceptional results in a short timeframe, leaving a lasting impact on both clients and the industry at large.


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