Case Study

Surge Mediah's Swift Success - 15 Appointments in 4 Days for a Roofing Contractor


In a testament to Surge Mediah’s prowess in rapid and effective lead generation, this case study highlights a remarkable achievement — the generation of 15 high-quality appointments in just four days for one of their roofing contractor clients. This success story unveils the strategies deployed by Surge Mediah to deliver immediate, tangible results.

Progress Flow

Strategic Campaign Launch

Surge Mediah initiated the campaign with a targeted and impactful approach. By leveraging a combination of persuasive ad copy, visually engaging creatives, and the instant estimate feature of their advanced software, prospects were not only enticed but also provided with valuable insights into their roofing needs. This initial engagement set the stage for a swift conversion from lead to appointment.

Daily Iterations and Optimization

The agility of Surge Mediah’s campaign management was pivotal in achieving rapid results. The team, utilizing daily adaptations and rigorous testing, fine-tuned the campaigns to resonate with the audience and capitalize on emerging trends. This iterative approach ensured that every day brought improved performance, culminating in the rapid accumulation of qualified leads ready for appointments.

Strategic Ad Spend Allocation

Surge Mediah’s strategic budget allocation played a critical role in this success. By closely monitoring the campaign’s performance metrics, the team directed resources toward the most impactful channels. This precision in ad spend allocation contributed significantly to the efficiency of lead-to-appointment conversion, delivering optimal results for the roofing contractor.

Client-Centric Approach

Beyond lead generation, Surge Mediah’s client-centric approach played a vital role. The downloadable app, integrated with the software, provided the roofing contractor with real-time tracking of appointments and leads. This empowerment ensured that the contractor could seamlessly manage and respond to appointments, enhancing their overall operational efficiency.

Client Testimonials and Long-Term Impact

As a testament to Surge Mediah’s success, client testimonials highlighted not just the quantity but the quality of appointments generated. The impact of these swift results extended beyond the immediate success, as the roofing contractor reported increased conversion rates and a positive boost to their business reputation.


Surge Mediah’s ability to generate 15 appointments in just four days exemplifies the effectiveness of their dynamic and client-focused lead generation strategy. By strategically launching campaigns, optimizing daily, and empowering their client with innovative tools, Surge Mediah not only met but exceeded expectations. This case study serves as a showcase of Surge Mediah’s commitment to delivering tangible and rapid results for their clients, setting a new standard in the roofing industry for immediate lead-to-appointment conversion success.


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