Case Study

Surge Mediah's Unprecedented Success - 60 Booked Appointments in 20 Days for a Roofing Contractor


In an extraordinary demonstration of Surge Mediah’s prowess in lead generation, this case study unveils a remarkable achievement — the booking of 60 high-quality appointments in just 20 days for a roofing contractor. This success story highlights the strategic approach, innovative tactics, and efficiency that propelled Surge Mediah to deliver exceptional and rapid results.

Progress Flow

Strategic Campaign Launch and Audience Engagement

Surge Mediah commenced the campaign with a strategic and targeted approach, crafting compelling ad copy and visually captivating creatives. Leveraging the advanced software’s instant estimate feature, prospects were not only engaged but enticed to take the next step in the customer journey. This strategic launch set the foundation for a rapid and high-volume conversion of leads into booked appointments.

Daily Iterations and Performance Optimization

The agility of Surge Mediah’s campaign management played a pivotal role in achieving rapid and sustained success. Through daily iterations and continuous testing, the team fine-tuned campaigns to resonate with the audience, ensuring maximum impact. This dynamic approach led to optimized performance and a consistent flow of qualified leads ready to be converted into appointments.

Strategic Budget Allocation for Maximum Impact

Surge Mediah’s strategic budget allocation was crucial in achieving this success. By closely monitoring campaign performance metrics, the team directed resources toward the most effective channels. This precision in budget allocation contributed significantly to the efficiency of lead-to-appointment conversion, ensuring a high return on investment for the roofing contractor.

Client Empowerment Through Innovative Tools

Beyond lead generation, Surge Mediah’s client-centric approach was evident in the integration of innovative tools. The downloadable app, paired with the advanced software, provided real-time tracking of appointments and leads. This empowerment not only streamlined the booking process for the roofing contractor but also enhanced their ability to manage and respond to appointments efficiently.

Client Testimonials and Sustainable Impact

Client testimonials reinforced the significance of Surge Mediah’s achievement, emphasizing not only the quantity but the quality of booked appointments. The roofing contractor reported sustained success beyond the initial 20 days, with increased conversion rates, business growth, and enhanced credibility in the roofing industry.


Surge Mediah’s ability to secure 60 booked appointments in just 20 days showcases the effectiveness of their strategic and client-focused lead generation strategy. By strategically launching campaigns, optimizing performance daily, and empowering their client with innovative tools, Surge Mediah not only met but surpassed expectations. This case study stands as a testament to Surge Mediah’s commitment to delivering rapid, substantial, and sustained results for their clients, solidifying their position as leaders in the roofing industry for achieving high-volume lead-to-appointment conversions.


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